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I’ve Got WIPs, They’re Multiplying…

Sing along with me now folks, “And I’m looooosing controooool. ‘Cause the taaaasks haaaave been a-piling. It’s electrifying!” Thank-you John and Oliva for today’s musical inspiration. But for serious, the WIPs around these parts have been behaving much like Mogwai’s who have been midnight snacking.

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Wrap Star

I gleefully embrace the term “tree-hugger”. When I was a little girl, I lived for some years on a small cul-de-sac that had an evergreen planted in the center. This evergreen was my friend, and I would sit with it and tell it my stories, my truths, and my fears. In the winter I would lovingly brush snow from the branches I could reach, and in the summer I shared my water (and sometimes juice, but I was a kid after all). And yes, I gave and recieved prickly hugs from my evergreen. I still hug trees; we humans have much to thank them for.

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Gluten-Free Cookie Bars that Rock!

Here, at my little patch of paradise, Thing 1 eats a gluten-free diet, which means that the rest of us sometimes do as well. It’s been three years since this dietary change and we have done much experimenting with recipes to try finding the ones that work best to replace old favorites. Any of you who have also had to make the change know that this is not a simple task; especially when it comes to baking.

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Thankful Thursday

Today, I am grateful for an extra set of hands while prepping last nights dinner, for quiet evenings of Knitflix with Mr. Amazing, for kind words from a friend who “sees” me.

What ‘s your grateful thought today?

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Going Batt-y

I only begun spinning yarn four months ago (January 2020) and I quickly came to realize that, much like knitting, I may never run out of things to learn to get closer to mastering my art. Each time I complete a spinning project I come away with new knowledge and experience to build upon. Even when I’m only spinning for the calming mental health benefits I’m still honing my skills, so no spin is without education. It’s my intention to try spinning as many types of fiber as possible, since they all behave differently due to different fiber characteristics. I still have much I’ve yet to try but it’s already been quite the adventure! Now I’m onto a new experiment…

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The Ever Growing List

Boy, do I have “a case of the Mondays”. This isn’t unusual for me, but it is very much perplexing. I don’t have an outside the home job that forces me to clock in. I’m far past my days of being counted for class attendance. The only people overseeing me are my brood and myself. Being the visual thinker that I am, I always choose to see Sunday as weekday one, and Sunday is a “set my intentions” day for me. So how, exactly, does Monday always seem to jar me so?

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