On three separate, recent, occasions I was asked why I didn’t have a blog. According to Mr. Amazing (who is likely pretty biased) it’s a logical question to ask someone like me. Someone who identifies herself as a #maker. Someone who loves to do things from scratch, by hand, and with love. Someone in love with learning new things, and who is happy to share the knowledge. So, perhaps I’ll give this blog thing a try 😉

Picture of me wearing my unicorn horn.

Well then, let me introduce myself…

Hi there, I’m Jamie, aka Drella, and my pronouns are she/her. I’m a neurodivergent fiber arts fanatic. I started my love affair with fiber by taking up cross-stitch back in Elementary School. Then came sewing/quilting, and crochet, then knitting, dying yarn/fiber, and embroidery. I recently started spinning and I’m itching to try my hand at weaving. Sometimes, I like to switch things up and I can be found in my basement workshop practicing my painting skills. I love my family, and our beautiful Earth, and I enjoy getting back to basics by making a number of our household products myself with wholesome, organic ingredients. I’m a novice gardener. I love to bake. I love my Instant Pot. I love yoga (but need to get better at sticking with a practice). You know, I love a lot, and I suppose I’ll be filling this blog up with much of it 🙂